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University partner

Below is information and resources to assist the university partner in supporting QUT pre-service teachers on Professional Experience.

Roles and responsibilities

The role of the university partner in relation to Professional Experience is to:

  • Liaise with the PEO on all administrative issues.
  • Liaise with the Professional Experience Manager on areas of concern throughout the Professional Experience. This includes informing the PEO of absences.
  • Make at least three contacts with the site and your allocated pre-service teachers - beginning, middle and end of the Professional Experience period.
  • Maintain close telephone/email contact with all sites and visit if appropriate if concerns are raised regarding the pre-service teacher's progress in the Professional Experience.
  • Where visits are required establish a suitable day/time for the visit.
  • When visiting sites, always wear your QUT ID badge and follow the correct sign-in procedures at the site's Administration block. Usually, site protocol dictates that you speak to the site coordinator, then the supervising teacher, and then the pre-service teacher.

The role of the university partner is informed by the following key policy documents and associated guidelines:

Beginning of the Professional Experience

  • Contact the site and provide your contact number/s and/or email address to the site coordinators and supervising teachers. Check that all allocated pre-service teachers are present and that the placements have started.
  • Contact by telephone or email the pre-service teachers in your allocated schools/centres to establish communication as it is important that the pre-service teachers know who you are and the role that you will play throughout the Professional Experience.
  • Read progression tables and reports to familiarise yourself with expectations. These will give you information relevant to each Professional Experience and Internship unit.
  • If any concerns or issues are raised with pre-service teachers, it is recommended that a Student Action Plan be instigated by the school immediately. Do not wait until the mid-point of PEx. The Student Action Plan should be viewed as a positive mechanism that clearly outlines expectations and how to achieve them. The supervising teacher and site coordinator should be encouraged to do this as an important formative process to address issues with teaching practice or professional conduct. You, as University Supervisor, can be as actively involved in this process as the school/situation requires and will be a signatory to the Action Plan.

See Student Action Plan

Midpoint of the Professional Experience

  • Send a reminder to pre-service teachers and site coordinators that interim reports will be due and check on progress.
  • Contact the site coordinator or supervising teacher by email or phone to discuss the mid-point feedback and interim reports.
  • Pre-service teachers must send a copy of their interim report to you. Please discuss the report with them in terms of their plans for development over the final weeks of placement.
  • Notify and consult with the Professional Experience Manager regarding any pre-service teachers with outstanding Student Action Plans and follow up as required. Provide support for the supervising teacher and the pre-service teacher as required.
  • If a pre-service teacher withdraws from the placement at any time, ensure the site completes a final report making note of the reason/s for non-completion and recording the result as 'unsatisfactory'. Forward this to the Professional Experience Manager.

Final week of the Professional Experience

  • Remind the site coordinator that the final evaluation should be completed for the final day of Professional Experience. The original should be provided to the pre-service teacher and a copy kept by the site. The pre-service teacher should send you a copy of their final report.
  • Make note of any pre-service teacher who has not completed the required number of days and arrangements that have been put in place to ensure completion of the Professional Experience. Forward details to Professional Experience Manager. Advise Professional Experience Manager of any pre-service teacher who fails the placement.
  • Thank the school and the site coordinator for their support.
  • Liaise with the site to determine if they would like to request any pre-service teachers return for future placements and record any other specific requests for future placements. Advise the PEO.

Blue cards/exemption cards

University lecturers who are registered teachers do not require an exemption card when visiting schools/sites.

University lecturers who are not registered teachers may not require an exemption card when visiting schools/sites as it is unlikely that you will be alone with a child without another adult present.

Information on blue cards/exemption cards


Guidance is available for pre-service teachers through:

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