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QUT greatly appreciates your support of pre-service teachers and your contribution to their professional development. Please note that supervising teachers usually need to have at least four years of teaching experience before taking on the responsibility for supervising a pre-service teacher. We do not accept supervisors with less than 2 years experience.

It is expected that pre-service teachers participate in 'professional' activities, such as playground duty, bus/train duty, assistance with extra-curricular activities, attending teacher meetings. Preservice teachers are encouraged to take up as many opportunities as possible to attend staff meetings, committee meetings, P & C meetings and any professional development sessions offered outside class time.

Below you will find information and resources to assist Supervising Teachers and Site Coordinators in your role.

Roles and responsibilities - site coordinators

  • Notify the PEO of teacher availability for hosting pre-service teachers throughout the year by responding to annual placement surveys and specific requests.
  • Mentor and support supervising teachers.
  • Distribute information to supervising teachers regarding the placement and the stage of development of the pre-service teachers.
  • Ensure that all supervising teachers are familiar with the dates and times for each Professional Experience.
  • Notify the PEO if any pre-service teacher either does not attend the site for an arranged Professional Experience or withdraws from the placement.
  • Notify the PEO if any pre-service teacher presents at your site without a Blue Card.
  • Induct pre-service teachers into your site, including information on:
    • Workplace Health and Safety and Child Protection;
    • Your site protocols and guidelines;
    • Site based policies, for example, behaviour management, planning, code of behaviour;
    • Expectations with regards to dress, punctuality, teaching loads, special requirements of the site, etc;
    • Procedures for sign in and the wearing of an easily recognisable name badge. QUT Student ID card, their Blue Card, and/or a visitor's badge as supplied by the Professional Experience site can be displayed in either a lanyard or convention card holder;
    • Procedures for notifying the site if ill or absent – a medical certificate is required if absent for more than one day.
  • Support pre-service teachers on site by organising:
    • An orientation that includes showing them around and introducing them to key people;
    • A place to work;
    • A computer username and password for the duration of Professional Experience.
  • Ask pre-service teachers for their personal details form for emergencies and to facilitate communication.
  • Participate in the evaluation of pre-service teacher progress when appropriate including the development of a Student Action Plan, if required.
  • Assist with moderation of pre-service teacher evaluation reports.
  • Immediately notify the university through the university supervisor if there are any concerns relating to a pre-service teacher.
  • Ensure supervising teachers complete interim reports at the half way stage of the Professional Experience, and discuss these reports with the pre-service teacher with the aim of developing a plan for improvement over the coming weeks.
  • Ensure supervising teachers complete interim and final reports promptly and ensure that these are signed by the pre-service teacher.
  • Sign off on the final reports. One copy of the report is kept at the site, another provided to the pre-service teacher, and a third forwarded to the PEO. This report cannot be finalised until the required number of Professional Experience days are completed. Preservice teachers must satisfactorily complete all of the days required for the Professional Experience in order to meet the requirements for registration with the Queensland College of Teachers. This includes making up days lost for public holidays.
  • Coordinate pay claims and return relevant forms to the University as soon as possible.

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Roles and responsibilities - supervising teacher


  • Introduce the pre-service teacher to relevant people on the site; provide a space to work; and ensure they know where to locate essential services.
  • In conjunction with the pre-service teacher, prepare an overview of the work the pre-service teacher will undertake during Professional Experience.
  • Talk to the pre-service teacher about your expectations for the Professional Experience, as well as what they hope to achieve in the Professional Experience.
  • Provide relevant background on your students or the children in your care to the pre-service teacher.

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During Professional Experience

  • Make time to meet with the pre-service teacher on a regular basis, ideally daily.
  • Expect the pre-service teacher to show you their written work each day. Lesson plans should be presented the day before teaching to allow time for discussion of the lesson and any adjustments that need to be made.
  • Provide regular written and oral feedback to the pre-service teacher identifying strengths and areas that require further development.
  • Teaching:
    • demonstrate a range of particular teaching strategies and principles;
    • provide an opportunity for varied teaching experiences;
    • give guidance on planning and lesson presentation;
    • advise on classroom management and organisation;
    • plan, teach and reflect with the pre-service teacher;
    • encourage the pre-service teacher to plan more complex and engaging teaching and learning strategies once they are comfortable with the basics.
  • Identify any problems as early as possible (ideally before the mid-point of the Professional Experience) and devise strategies with the pre-service teacher to help them show competence in the areas of concern before the Professional Experience concludes. It is very important to provide written feedback on the pre-service teacher's progress in addressing these areas. You can engage the university supervisor and/or site coordinator in this process. It is recommended that you instigate a Student Action Plan if it is deemed necessary.

    See Student Action Plan

  • Write interim and final evaluation reports in a timely manner and pass on to the site coordinator for signature. Discuss each with the pre-service teacher including areas of strength and areas for continued development. Ensure pre-service teachers are given copies of their final report when they leave the site at completion of their Professional Experience.

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Communication with the University

Email addresses and telephone numbers are supplied in the details sent from the university for the Professional Experience Office (PEO), the university supervisor, and the unit coordinator.

Once the Professional Experience has commenced, the university supervisor is the first point of contact for the University. In situations where difficulties arise or a pre-service teacher is identified as being at risk, the university supervisor MUST be contacted. This can be done through the PEO if necessary.

For matters relating to the administration of the Professional Experience (including payment and paperwork) contact Professional Experience Office

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Legal Responsibilities

Supervising teachers maintain the legal responsibility for the physical and intellectual wellbeing of the children in their care. Preservice teachers should not be left unsupervised with a class or group.

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On completion of all other course requirements, most pre-service teachers undertake an Internship.

Under the internship program, the Supervising Teacher role changes to Mentor Teacher.   Mentor Teachers may share up to 50% of the teaching load with their pre-service teacher, therefore Supervising Teacher payments are not applicable as the opportunities for professional development release replace payment as per section 10 of the Internship Program Agreement.

Further information on the internship

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Payment Forms

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