The Placement Process

All placements are coordinated by the Partnership Officers through the Professional Experience Office (PEO). Placement arrangements are made between the Site Coordinators and QUT, not with individual teachers at sites. Do NOT approach a site in a Queensland school directly for placement unless this is arranged with PEO staff. For placement in areas away from the Greater Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coasts, students may be asked to assist the Partnership Officers with this process. Placements are negotiated with sites according to the professional studies unit requirements, and the individual site requirements.

It is important that pre-service teachers are as prepared as possible for their Professional Experience placements, this includes having the requisite knowledge and skills. Pre-service teachers should have a GPA of at least a 4 and have passed required curriculum and other units in order to be placed.

Timing of Professional Experience

The dates for Professional Experience are set in the academic calendar. Different units are scheduled at different times. All pre-service teachers in a particular unit will undertake Professional Experience at the same time. You cannot complete the Professional Experience at a different time from the set dates. Exceptions may arise when pre-service teachers are interstate and school term dates differ from those in Queensland.

Professional Experience Calendar (subject to change)

Allocation process

QUT pre-service teachers will be:

  • Allocated a site by the PEO according to the home address registered in QUT Virtual and any offers that QUT may have received from sites. If you wish to be placed in an area other than in the area you have recorded as your home address, please let the PEO know.
  • Advised of the placement process for each Professional Studies unit via your QUT email address.
  • Notified of Placement details via the InPlace system approximately 2 weeks before the first day of the placement. Please do not approach the PEO to ask if your placement has been confirmed. QUT Inplace guide for education student view
  • Contact details for the placement site and the site coordinator are provided via InPlace. Students will not be emailed individually.
  • Early Childhood and Primary courses: Advised of the Year Level/Group and Supervising Teacher when you make contact with the site coordinator. This information may also be provided along with your site confirmation details online.
  • Secondary courses: Advised of the Year Level and Supervising Teacher by the school site coordinator on your first visit to the site.

It is imperative that all QUT students enrol in their Professional Studies units early, check their student email regularly and ensure that their contact details are up to date on QUT Virtual.

Southeast Queensland placements and travel

Pre-service teachers will be allocated a placement according to the home address registered in QUT Virtual.


Placements are largely determined by teaching areas and places offered by sites. Every effort is made to secure a placement within a reasonable travelling time. Pre-service teachers may be required to travel up to 90 minutes each way from your semester home address as recorded in QUT Virtual. Transport arrangements may necessitate travel time being greater than the amount of time you spend commuting to University by public transport. Secondary pre-service teachers in particular, are sometimes required to travel quite long distances in order to undertake Professional Experiences in their specialty areas. Pre-service teachers are required to be proactive in searching and securing transportation for travelling to Professional Experience.

Regional, rural and remote placements

Regional, rural and remote placements are considered placements outside of the Brisbane metro area, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. You can undertake your pre-service placement in a regional, rural and remote setting if you meet the following criteria:

  • A GPA of 4+
  • Satisfactory Final Reports from previous professional studies units
  • Financially stable - able to support yourself for travel, accommodation and living expenses
  • Are flexible in attitude and demonstrate a willingness to adjust to different experiences
  • Flexible with teaching area requirements in some settings

Regional, rural and remote placements cannot be undertaken by internal students in their first year of study. Exemptions for individual cases will be considered by the Professional Experience Manager. External students living in regional, rural and remote settings will be placed within reasonable proximity to their residential address as listed with QUT, and these will not be considered regional, rural and remote placements and do not require an application form; for example an external student lives in Cairns and is placed in Cairns.


Pre-service teachers must submit an application form to the PEO as soon as possible upon enrollment in the Professional Experience unit. Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis and pre-service teachers will be notified if a regional, rural or remote placement is available.

Accommodation and travel

Pre-service teachers are responsible for the organisation of all accommodation and travel bookings and any associated costs. Regional, rural and remote sites sometimes provide accommodation for free or at a nominal cost. The PEO will confirm any availability prior to the placement being confirmed. Pre-service teachers should carefully consider their ability to manage financially whilst on professional experience in these settings. Pre-service teachers with family or friends who can offer accommodation in regional, rural and remote settings are encouraged to apply. Please detail this on the application form.

Possible sources of funding

The Department of Education and Training (DET) offers Beyond the Range - Professional Experience Grants to support high achieving pre-service teachers to undertake a professional experience in a rural or remote Queensland State School. All enquiries should be directed to DETE.

The Department of Education, Training and Employment - Beyond the Range Professional Experience Grants program.

Pre-service teachers are encouraged to apply for the QUT Alumni Rural and Remote Bursary to assist with travel and accommodation costs associated with rural and remote placements.  Should the pre-service teacher be awarded a bursary, a condition of acceptance is that they will work with QUT to promote the opportunities and experiences available in rural and remote settings. This may include documenting their experience on professional experience in visual or written forms, and promoting rural and remote professional experiences at QUT events.  Please refer to the additional criteria listed and complete the application form to apply.  Note an application for both Regional Rural and Remote Professional Experience Application Form and Alumni Rural and Remote Bursary must be completed and submitted at the same time to the PEO.

Applications must be completed and sent to the PEO as soon as possible before the commencement of the Professional Experience.

The Isolated Children's Parents' Association of Queensland also offers Rural Practicum Incentives to pre-service teachers who wish to complete a placement in areas of need. Please refer to the table attached for a guide to current incentives. Pre-service teachers may contact the ICPA representative listed to enquire if the incentive is still available. If you are interested in undertaking a placement at one of these schools, you must contact the PEO first to determine placement availability.  The PEO will contact the school to negotiate the placement.  Pre-service teachers must not contact the school directly.  Once the placement has been confirmed, pre-service teachers can apply for the incentive via the contacts provided.

Isolated Children's Parents' Association of Queensland - Rural Practicum Incentives

Health & Safety and risk

The following information is to assist you in undertaking a safe placement. It is important that you are prepared for your placement, as many regional, rural and remote settings offer exciting but challenging experiences.

The following resources will assist with your planning:

Remember that in many regional, rural and remote settings schools are located in small, close-knit communities where the school is the ‘hub’ of the community. As a pre-service teacher you will be expected to join in community activities and act professionally at all times including on weekends and after hours.

Preparation is the key to a successful regional, rural or remote professional experience. Be prepared and enjoy the wonderful opportunities these settings can offer.

Interstate placements

Interstate placements are any placement that occurs outside of Queensland. This includes:

  • External students living in a state/territory other than Queensland and completing professional experience in that state/territory
  • Students who reside in Queensland but wish to undertake professional experience in another state/territory.

Note: External students living in a state/territory other than Queensland who wish to complete professional experience in Queensland must hold a valid Blue Card (apply through QUT) and complete an interstate application form.

Pre-service teachers must advise the PEO of your intent to complete professional experience outside of Queensland on enrolment in the professional experience unit.

You will need to negotiate your own interstate placement as QUT does not have formal partnerships with interstate sites. Please be aware interstate placements are very competitive and it can take you some time to organise your professional experience. You cannot complete professional experience at a site where a conflict of interest exists.

Pre-service teachers must comply with the interstate/territory requirements for working with children checks (Blue Card equivalent). Please note these vary considerably across Australia and can take up to 3 months to organise. No placements can be undertaken without your interstate Blue Card equivalent being registered with QUT. Refer to the 'Pre-placement' page on this site for information on registration.

All pre-service teachers undertaking an interstate placement (internal and external) must complete the interstate application below and submit it to the PEO on enrolment in the professional experience unit.

Note if you are applying for a regional, rural or remote placement in another state or territory you must also complete the Regional, rural and remote application form. External students: if you reside in a rural, regional or remote setting in another state or territory and this address is listed as your residential address with QUT you do not need to complete the form. This only applies to pre-service teachers travelling away from home to complete professional experience in a regional, rural or remote setting.

International placements

You can undertake an international Professional Experience if you meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum GPA of 5.0 or above
  • The majority of supervised Professional Experience must be undertaken in an Australian setting
  • Satisfactory results for all previous Professional Experiences
  • You have a current blue card
  • You must have the capacity to pay for all your expenses, such as travel, accommodation, living expenses and extra insurance if necessary
  • International Placements cannot be a first Professional Experience for Domestic students or a final PEx for any student enrolled in the Faculty of Education at QUT
  • 51% of your Professional Experience has or will be conducted in Australia.¬† This must include your final Professional Experience as all final Professional Experiences placements MUST be completed in an Australian school on shore.

You will need to source the placement yourself through direct contact with schools.


Placements occur in schools where English is the language of instruction. All destinations would be considered as long as the proposed country is defined 'safe' by DFAT (the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and a suitable school can confirm a placement. Preservice teachers must check the DFAT website regularly to enable them to make well informed decisions about overseas travel to ensure their safety.

You will need to pay for:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Living Expenses

You will need to organise, if applicable:

  • Passport
  • Visas
  • International student card
  • International insurance
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Airport taxes

Conditions of placement

The Queensland College of Teachers' (QCT) Program Guidelines state that the majority of supervised professional experience must occur in Australian primary and/or secondary school settings. It should be noted than an International School is not recognised as an Australian school for this purpose.

Preservice teachers must be supervised by registered teachers. To complete the pre-service program as approved, the pre-service teachers must know and be able to implement the relevant curriculum, syllabus and assessment requirements and meet the Professional Standards for Queensland Teachers and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Preservice teachers need to organise their own placement in consultation with the PEO. An application for any school placement overseas will be considered on its merit and suitability to fulfil relevant course requirements. Any proposals should be discussed with the Course/Unit Coordinator prior to submission of an application.


It is the responsibility of the student to organise their own accommodation.

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