Under the internship program, the Supervising Teacher role changes to Mentor Teacher.   Mentor Teachers may share up to 50% of the teaching load with their pre-service teacher, therefore Supervising Teacher payments are not applicable as the opportunities for professional development release replace payment as per section 10 of the Internship Program Agreement.

The QUT internship is governed by a formal agreement between QUT, systemic education authorities, teacher unions and QCT.

  • The internship is a professional transition experience that bridges pre-service teaching to a beginning in the profession. Many QUT pre-service teacher education courses include an internship.
  • The internship differs from the Professional Experience conducted earlier in the degree and is undertaken after the successful completion of all other course requirements. It is expected that the internship would follow on from the final Professional Experience with the same class/es and teacher/s. The previous four weeks of the final Professional Experience will have provided the basis for the situated knowledge and understanding of the site, class, school and community for the intern.
  • Preservice teachers have signed a professional declaration stating that they have satisfactorily completed all other components of their course to qualify for and continue into the internship placement.
  • The role of the supervising teacher changes to a Mentor Teacher.
  • The pre-service teachers who are placed for internship by QUT have been given an authority to teach by Queensland College of Teachers. This status allows them to teach up to a 50% teaching load unsupervised, but the mentor teacher maintains overall responsibility for the class.
  • Interns will be expected to take more responsibility than pre-service teachers on a Professional Experience placement, so the model of support will be different, moving from a constant supervision model to a co-planning and shared leadership model.
  • The intern and mentor negotiate a 50% teaching load responsibility. Interns are only to work with the assigned load. There are no set rules for division of time or teaching areas.
  • The mentor teacher may be released to accomplish any professional activities during that period, if the school principal is in agreement.
  • Mentors and interns each share the teacher's work. This benefits the mentor teachers in that they are released to engage in other non-contact professional activities. University payment for Professional Experience supervision is therefore not applicable as the opportunities for professional development release replace payment to teachers under an agreement with employers, unions and registering bodies and universities.
  • Interns must not be used as a relief teacher for other staff members nor be rostered on to playground duty unsupervised.
  • Interns may be provided with opportunities to work with others on staff for wider experiences.
  • The mentor is encouraged to communicate with the university supervisor if there is a concern regarding the associate teacher's performance.
  • Mentor teachers are asked to sign the internship coversheet to confirm the intern's full participation and completion of the 20 day internship. Interns will provide mentor teachers with the coversheet for signing. There is no report to be completed for the internship.

Preservice teacher internship checklist

Before commencement of the internship:

  • Complete the Professional Declaration for internship and forward to the Faculty of Education Student Affairs Office by the due date: The declaration states that you have completed all other course requirements at a satisfactory level prior to undertaking your internship.
  • Once your Declaration has been received, the Faculty Office will apply on your behalf to the Queensland College of Teachers for an Authority to Teach for the internship.
  • Ensure your blue card is still current.

At the completion of your internship:

Organise for your mentor teacher to sign the Internship Completion Declaration. Forward this sheet to your Internship unit coordinator.

Student Affairs will forward a list of students who are course complete to the Queensland College of Teachers at the successful completion of your internship. This will progress your professional registration as a qualified teacher. Please note that your authority to teach is no longer active at the completion of your internship.



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