Glossary of terms

Associate Teacher

An associate teacher is a final year pre-service teacher who has successfully completed all other units and undertakes an Internship under direction of a mentor. Associate teachers are authorized to teach by the Queensland College of Teachers up to 50% of the mentor's teaching load unsupervised.

Curriculum Lecturer

The curriculum leader is an academic staff member who may be consulted regarding an At Risk pre-service teacher from their curriculum area in the secondary programs. The staff member may be required to visit the site to assist in the At Risk process.

Professional Experience

Professional Experience is a term that encompasses workplace learning integrated with academic preparation and educational studies.  It is typically located in a workplace such as a school, centre or site, relating to the university course being undertaken. The terms “teaching practice, professional practice, practicum or work integrated learning (WIL)” have often been used synonymously to refer to the same experience.  Previously at QUT this was called Field Experience.

Final Report

This is the pre-service teacher's final evaluation form required to be completed at the end of each Professional Experience placement.

Interim Report

This is developed at the midpoint of the Professional Experience. This report should be discussed with the pre-service teacher and an action plan for continued improvement developed. The purpose of the interim report is used to provide the pre-service teacher with written feedback and guidance.


This is the final Professional Experience for pre-service teachers who have successfully completed all other units. The Internship focuses on the professional work of teachers including the many responsibilities of a registered teacher, and relies on the mentor and other site staff to induct the associate teacher into the profession.

Mentor Teacher

The mentor teacher accepts responsibility for an associate teacher completing a final year Internship. The roles and responsibilities are slightly different from those required during the Professional Experience as the associate teacher can teach up to 50% of the mentor's teaching load unsupervised.

Partnership Officer

The partnership officer is an administrative QUT staff member who coordinates the administrative aspects of Professional Experience, including securing appropriate placements. This person is a significant point of contact for site coordinators, pre-service teachers, and academic and liaison staff.

Preservice Teacher

The students from the University who are placed in sites for Professional Experience are called pre-service teachers as recognition of their development and learning in the field.

Progression Tables

The Professional Experience Progression Tables specify the amount of teaching and other professional activities the pre-service teacher should be undertaking in each unit. These tables are provided for supervising teachers and pre-service teachers to assist in planning for Professional Experience.


This refers to any Early Childhood Education Centre, kindergarten, primary school, high school or any other site where Professional Experience placement is undertaken.

Site Coordinator

The School Site Coordinator is a member of staff from the host site who is responsible for liaising with the University, coordinating the pre-service teachers and their supervising teachers and providing professional induction to pre-service teachers.

Supervising Teacher

The supervising teacher is a registered teacher who accepts responsibility for a pre-service teacher during the Professional Experience and who supervises the pre-service teacher's experiences in the field and growth in professional attributes.

University supervisor

A university supervisor is an academic staff member of the Faculty of Education who is responsible for liaising with sites during Professional Experience and Internship programs. This person is usually the site's first point of contact with the University.


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